Friday, March 30, 2007

Post #4 Women's Source of Power

“Raisins”, an episode of South Park in which Wendy breaks up with Stan and the boys take him to Raisins, a restaurant similar to Hooters, to try and forget about her, portrays the type of hegemony women have over men. The Raisin girls have power over their male customers because they are attractive, wearing next to nothing, and they pretend to be interested in the males to get bigger tips. According to James Lull, “Hegemony implies willing agreement by people to be governed by principles, rules and laws they believe to operate in their best interests…,” (63). The male customers are agreeing to be overpowered by the attractive women’s bodies. The majority of hegemony issues in social settings dealing with masculinity and femininity award men the power; however, most men’s sexual desire for women give women a source of power. The downfall: when this source of power is used it portrays women in a negative light. Why must some women feel the need to exert power over men though their looks?
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Jessie said...

Tara- Awesome job with your collage-
I think you found a great episode & topic for your focus and argument; however, the images you've chosen to include (along with the topic) seem to be part of the satirized depiction of hegemonic norms and ideals for the purpose of exposing them more blatantly (i.e. the more blatant something is, the less powerful it is rendered). It's important to keep the intention/audience in mind when writing your analysis (unless you feel that the images here are enforcing hegemonic norms as opposed to challenging them).

jeeter said...

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