Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Buddy, Leo's Comments


I really liked the way you analyzed South Park using news articles dealing with the show in addition to the show itself. The posts on Hayes and Poor Parenting were not only insightful and relevant, but they showed that you have a very high degree of familiarity with your topic.

No matter how you decide to write your final post and organize your interview, I would recommend that you find a way to incorporate your use news articles.

It is clear to me, and most likely to your other readers as well, that you are indeed comfortable and highly interested in your topic. This becomes remarkable evident through the ways you have analyzed your topic. Where most people have stopped at the surface, you have definitely shown pursuit of deeper ideas that are not so obvious. Your posts also find ways to convey your ideas or propose questions in ways that make it very simple to understand, even when the ideas are somewhat complex.

I very much enjoyed reading your blog. Even though my knowledge of South Park does not exceed what one can gain from viewing half an episode, I found it easy to follow what you were saying because of your clarity. Your points were well supported and it was not hard to see that going above and beyond to state an idea was not a problem for you.

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